An American born and raised in São Paulo-Brazil, at the age of 17 Camila embarked on a journey throughout the world, experiencing different cultures, people, and new perspectives in the USA, Europe and Asia. 

Her perseverance and originality makes her a multi-cultural designer with her uniqueness transcended into the creative process of design.

With a focus on originality, creativity and the unexpected, Camila believes that good design involves a good sense of humor and above all, is timeless.

Camila is an explorer of adventures, a travel and foodie enthusiastic. She is always curious to learn about mixing the new with the classics: learning about new products, materials and designers that are local and focus on craftsmanship and high quality unique production. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

//MASTER IN PRODUCT DESIGN//Scuola Politecnica di Design. Italy.
//MASTER IN INTERIOR DESIGN//Scuola Politecnica di Design. Italy. 
//INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE//California College of the Arts, USA.
//CAL POLY SLO// Second year Landscape Architecture Studies, USA.
//HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA// Escola Experimental Vera Cruz, Brazil.

//Ralph Lauren, New York, USA.
//Peter Marino Architect, New York, USA.
//Markus Benesch Creates, Munich, Germany.
//Design Associates, Munich, Germany.
//Far Above Average, San Francisco, USA.
//McLarand Emsiek & Partners, Oakland, USA.
//CISV International, Phuket, Thailand.