For many years I've been involved in many different organizations, from short term/temporary projects to my affiliation with CISV International since I was 14 years old.

Some projects include work with the following organizations:
//Ralph Lauren Gives Back: NY Common Pantry and City Harvest
//EIM Haiti
//CISV International
//Tsunami Volunteers Thailand
//826 Valencia Tutoring Program
//Amazon Watch
//UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens and Arroyo Burro Restoration Project
//California Peace Action

In today's busy society it is very difficult to find a balance in a sustainable life-style.  I truly believe that the main core of such idea is our ability as humans to learn and be open to the difference of cultures and look beyond short term solutions to the most complex problems.

Creativity and learning are a long-term process, there is always something we can do better, it is always changing...