Late last year, a friend approached me with a super challenge: He purchased a studio in Manhattan and had less than a month to make the space livable. He had only his clothing and some old pictures that were dear to him.

Mood Board I created to inspire our furniture search

In his early twenty's, my friend has a busy work schedule which includes a lot of travel, late nights and some work from home days. He wanted a comfy, masculine, and practical space where he could invite his friends over and have visiting family from abroad stay overnight. At the same time, he wanted to "graduate" to a more mature environment choosing for a classic, cool design that would impress his guests.

The biggest challenge, besides time, was the budget. With less than 4.5K we had to purchase EVERYTHING: bed sheets, towels, plates, sofa, rugs, lights....We had to be very careful in allocating the money which had to include the delivery and taxes to our purchases. I focused on spending a bit more on classic items and cool accents while saving on smaller things which we could buy in vintage shops, IKEA, online sales and flea markets.

At the end of the project, the space felt light, open and ready to receive guests. The sofa opens into a full bed. The puff and stools, allows for a a dinner party of 4-6 people. We spent a day organizing the art, selecting pictures and framing to create a beautiful wall and space of memories and special landscapes.

The Bachelor Pad is a success! Pictures to follow...