After two incredible years at Peter Marino, I decided it was time to move on into new ventures and expand my skills to become a stronger designer and manager. 

PMA opened a door into the beauty of high-end luxury through the mind of talented Mr. Marino. I am very thankful for the experience during those years and as a result, I left with incredibly successful published projects with Louis Vuitton: Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany, Frankfurt (Germany), Hangzhou (China), among many others.

I decided to join to the Ralph Lauren team in order to understand the process of working from within (being our own client). As a Project Manager for Store Development, I will be managing and coordinating directly with the merchandising, product, and the architectural team.

A big part of the RL design that I am also looking forward to, is their ability to make retail stores into theater productions. By this, I mean that all spaces are highly decorated and propped in order to create the Ralph Lauren story. 

A I start to wrap up my current project, I look forward for our installations and see all that hard work become one final delivered project. Next stop: Las Vegas Polo Store (2014) and Sao Paulo- Brazil Retail Store (2015).

After a beautiful month in Australia as a transition to prepare my for the this next step, I also fell in love with a new continent...but that is another story...Now I feel refreshed, inspired and ready to learn!