Domaine de Boisbuchet, France

July-August came with wonderful news. During a fantastic installation for one of our current works in China, I received the news that I was being awarded a one-week design workshop at the Domaine de  Boisbuchet with my chosen designer Nikolay Pollissky by Dezeen Magazine.

It was a beautiful experience and I must not only thank Dezeen Magazine but the team at Boisbuchet, especially Alexander von Vegesack for providing the the existence of this magical place.

I was not sure what to expect, except for I would be working with a team to create something big, in structure as per Nikolay's works in Russia. First two days: In the forest, cutting wood. Next days: building.

Nikolay is a smiling soul that brought his right-hand Ivan as a translator and colleague to ensure we could understand and participate of the design process and construction of this new art form for the Domaine.

By understanding the local environment and not taking away the natural beauty of the surrounding elements, Mr. Polissky vision was of a natural tunnel in the middle of the forest where a small road went through. We would create the tunnel from the same trees in the nearby forest and have each branch uniquely studied for the most natural placement while creating a tunnel that blended with nature and with time, would be as unique and natural as if it was part of the forest all along.

Initially built to be 26 meters long and 6 meters high, we only had enough time for 10 meters.

As always, what makes the experience so great are the people and the journey. It was exciting to create without planning or too much thinking but rather just flowing with the senses. Nikolay and Ivan are two special creative minds and it was more than an honor to be part of their team.

From France and Russian with love.