Scuola Politecnica di Design 2009
Interior Design
Product Design
Trends & Research
Client: Nivea
Publication: CASAMICA 2009

The Nivea Market brings the true but subtle concept of a mini market while providing customers accessibility  to all Nivea products in a modern and authentic Nivea branding environment.

The Nivea Mini / Market is separated into two environments: the Nivea Market Shop (first floor) and the Nivea Spa (second floor).

As you enter the Nivea Mini Market, the customer follows the stairs towards the second floor, the Nivea Spa. Using the same style and simplicity of forms as the first floor, the Nivea Spa is an open space where individuals are regarded as one, as an asexual being, free from the outside world.

Workshop Group: Camila Ojeda, Daniel Simonini, Haffstein Juliusson and Danilo Leonardi.