LUS 29/30

Scuola Politecnica di Design 2009
Product Design 
LED Exhibition Contest
Commune di Milano
Teacher: Huub Ubbens

Lüs 29 / 30 is a homage to the tram, the city and the people of Milan to reconnect with their past and  future. Lüs is the Milanese dialect for luce, and 29 / 30 is the tram route that travels along side main walls of the city.

The sepia lighting in the tram is used to create a warm cozy effect, that in addition with the carpet and journal hanger, creates a feeling of an old comfortable living room.  The sepia light creates an illusion of an old photograph, enhancing the qualities of the old tram and the people in the interior.

In contrast, the lamp outside the tram becomes an ironic art piece, unifying the overall concept by bringing the living room to the exterior, as it brings the element of surprise to those on the streets.
Workshop Group: Camila Ojeda, Rui Miguel, Giorgio Bonaguro