Scuola Politecnica di Design 2009
Product Design 
Graphic Design
Client: Florena
Teacher: Mangiarotti, Bazzicalupo
Color Workshop: Francesca Valan

In collaboration with SPD and Florena, the goal of the project was to create a new packaging  for the re-designing of a new MEN’s  full line of cosmetics (shaving cream, face lotion, after shave, and shower gel) and its skin types with sustainable considerations.

To bring the freshness of the ingredients through a packaging solution that provides the consumer the necessary amounts of the product, hence, Monodose. The objective was to create an alternative design to the common supermarket cosmetics packaging that supports the bio concept of the product itself through the use of sustainable materials, color selection and the production of less waste and production technology.
Workshop Group: Camila Ojeda and Chris Macaruso.