Revista KAZA, March 2014

Check out the March Edition of Revista Kaza from Brazil.
"She is one of the upcoming talent in NY for architecture. From Brazil to the world, the Paulistana Camila Ojeda studied abroad with the goal to understand better the universe of interiors. Graduate from the University of California Santa Barbara, the artists also concluded her masters in Italy. Currently, she works at Peter Marino, an architecture and interiors firm who designs for the major luxury retail brands. Mark this name."

Domaine de Boisbuchet, France

July-August came with wonderful news. During a fantastic installation for one of our current works in China, I received the news that I was being awarded a one-week design workshop at the Domaine de  Boisbuchet with my chosen designer Nikolay Pollissky by Dezeen Magazine.

It was a beautiful experience and I must not only thank Dezeen Magazine but the team at Boisbuchet, especially Alexander von Vegesack for providing the the existence of this magical place.

Hanzghou, China

Peter Marino Architect, NYC
Project Management
Retail Design
Interior Design

Visiting China for the installation of a new Women's only shop. A very rewarding experience professionally and personally.

Proud of Year 2012

Peter Marino Architect, NYC
Retail Design
Interior Design
Project Manager

Started 2013 with the right foot.

LouisVuittonWoman'sUniverse (10)As part of the interior design team at PMA, I have so far as Project Manager, successfully completed the following stores:

LV Plaza 66, China (Assisting Logistics)
LV Saks, New York USA (Interior Design Project Manager)
LV Toronto, Canada (Interior Design Project Manager)
LV Munich, Germany (Interior Design Lead Project Manager)
LV Vienna, Austria (Interior Design Lead Project Manager)
LV Hangzhou, China (Interior Design Lead Project Manager)

LouisVuittonWoman'sUniverse (7)

Playing with the idea of writing down some encounters...
I started a blog. See where it goes...

KAHMEELAH from Camila Luana on Vimeo.

After a lot of editing, learning how to make a video and turning an initial 8 minutes visual story to a shorter version to accommodate our internet conditioned attention spans...
Here is my visual story for the 2012-2013 Fellowship.

Music: the xx, Intro.
All images were taken by the Author.


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Interior & Product Designer
October 2009-December 2010
High-End Residential Design
Retail Design
Office Design
Exhibition Design
Furniture Design
Lighting Design
Graphic Design
Wallpaper Design

Interior Design & Architecture Project for Hauptsitz Hirmer Immobilien GmbH, 2010
Following my graduation from SPD, I started working in Munich with Markus Benesch Creates as an intern, and later, as lead interior designer.